Stephen Thomas

Masterclass "Asana, Pranayama & beyond"

Sunday April 14th

Time: 09:30 - 12:30h

Price: CHF 75.- / 55.- reduced for students, etc.

1-2 years of previous experience required.

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A special 3 hour workshop that focuses on how Yoga works through the Koshas (layers of existence). Focusing on Asanas which open the power and freedom of the breath body. In addition to this  Asana practice, the workshop will explore traditional Pranayama practices that create stability and ease in the nervous system and cultivate a more clear, grounded mind and body. Focus: Supine and Standing Hip Openers, Classic Diaphragm Breath techniques, Guided Pranayama with insight into the meaning and purpose of breath holding and.... some playful exploration in a few hand balances and pain free backbends.

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